Support app/pc remote monitoring 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A mppt solar charge controller

This MPPT solar charge controller applicable battery types:Sealed(SEL),Gel(GEL),Flooded(FLD),User-defined(USER) AGM,LiFePO4(4 Strings/7 Strings/8 strings),Ternary lithium battery (3 Strings/6 strings/7 strings),Custom lithium ion battery(Lit). Mainly used in off-grid power generation systems, monitoring systems, solar home systems, telecommunications, forest fire protection applications, solar street light systems, Recreation Vehicles and Boat. -20A,30A,12V/24V automatic recognition -40A,50A,60A,12V/24V/48V automatic recognition -With Bluetooth, waterproof function

Products Details

1.MPPTefficiency 99.5%,conversion efficiency 97% 2.All responsive design,more efficient, more stable 3.OLED blue display status information 4.Built-in lithium battery activation function 5.Support lead-acid batteries,lithium batteries and all kinds of battery 6.Protection function to maintain stable operation of battery orlead-acid battery system 7.Support remote monitoring of PC,wired instrument,wireless module APP 8.Dual RJ45 interfaces,integrated management and secondary development 9.CE,FCC and RoHS certificates are available

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